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Not Him Premieres at Soho Film Festival

Ryan plays Joe in Sarah Young's short horror film "Not Him" which premiered at the Soho International Film Festival and was nominated for Best Short. Michelle and John seem like the perfect married couple living a comfortable normal life. But behind closed doors, John has become increasingly strange and violent. Michelle becomes convinced that something is terribly wrong with her husband, but struggles to be believed even by her best friend Kim. Determined to prove her sanity, Michelle confronts her husband, sparking a night of unthinkable truths and a fight for survival.

Agamemnon in Agamemnon

Ryan plays Agamemnon in Agamemnon at The Gallery Players. First performed 2,500 years ago, this trilogy of Greek tragedies is foundational to all western theater. Following the vicissitudes of the infamous House of Atreus, starting with the murder of Agamemnon at the hands of his wife Clytemnestra, the Oresteia asks what sort of society do we want: a vindictive, vengeful society or one where the rule of law prevails?

Oresteia Agamemnon Kat duPont Vecchio-37.jpg

The Page Turners at Portland Stage

Ryan plays Oliver Thomas Jr. in Mallory Jane Weiss’s The Page Turners, Gold Prize-Winner of the Clauder Competition. In a fictitious-kind-of-1844-or-so, four somewhat-Victorian women, Kipper, Mary, Sadie, and Alice are “The Page Turners,” a book club determined to redeem themselves after their disgraceful showing at last year’s Book Club Conference. The Page Turners questions how to shape our identities as women not by society’s rules but rather by the women we surround ourselves with, the choices that we make, and the books that we read.

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Art With a Capital A

Ryan plays Caleb, a "Found Sound Artist", in Mallory Jane Weiss' Comedy Series about what it means to create "important art". Coming Soon!

Ocean, City, Monster, Building premieres at IFS LA Film Festival

Ryan appears as Officer Stewart in Ocean, City, Monster, Building.  The year is 1984, in a small sleepy town in upstate New York. The former mayor of the city is found dead on the backseat of his car with a local 15 year old girl. A detective from out of town is sent in to try to solve the case together with local law enforcement.




Camouflage -  Sam French OOB Festival

Pericles - Quest Players 2023 Season

Illusions - Columbia MFA Director's Thesis 2023

As You Like It - Quest Players 2022 Season

Twelfth Night - Classice Theater of Marylard 2022 Season

Malcolm IV - Play written by Ryan Nicholas Cooper produced by Shakespeare on the Sound

Notorious MILFS - TV Pilot reading with The Bechdel Group 2020

Austin Acts! Semi-Finalist - City Theatre of Austin Acting Competition 2020


Inside Siberia - Play by Mallory Jane Weiss produced by Rootbeer Occasion 2020

We’re All Fine - Film written by Peter Chansky and directed by Sarah Young

The Baby Shower - Play Written by Peter Chansky and directed by Sarah Young


Merry Wives of Windsor - Hudson Classical Theater 2019 Shakespeare in the park production

Scenes By Gilbert - Short film directed by Sarah Young

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