Ryan Nicholas Cooper 


Howl From Up High(Reading)    Harry/Percy                  Gingold Theatrical Group/Lily Riopelle

Richard III                                    Richmond                     Dramatists Unite Collective/Kelsey Brown

Riders to the Sea                        Bartley                          Xanadu Theatre/Mary Tynan

Inside Siberia                              Coal                              Root Beer Occasion/Jessie Field

Howl From Up High(Workshop) Harry/Percy                  Gingold Theatrical Group/Stephen Brown-Fried

Life is a Dream                           Astolfo                           Heartwood Theater Company/Griff Braley

The Baby Shower                       John                             Quantum Cohort/Sarah Young

The Merry Wives of Windsor    Slender                         Hudson Classical Theater/Nicholas Martin-Smith

The Tempest                              Trinculo                         Commonwealth Shakespeare Company/ Dawn Simmons

Little Birds                                  Lead                              Tectonic Theatre Project/Jimmy Maize & Moisés Kaufmen

A Midsummer Night’s Dream   Snout                            Toms River Shakespeare Festival/Lori Garrabrant

99 Histories                                Joe/Daniel Merritt        The New School for Drama/Rebecca Etzine

Sueño                                         Astolfo                           The New School for Drama/Sarah Young

Roberto Zucco                           Fatman                          The New School for Drama/Joey Rizzolo

King John                                   The Dauphin                 The New School for Drama/Sarah Young

Middletown                               Greg/Male Doctor        The New School for Drama/Ethan Heard


Ocean, City, Monster, Building   Officer Stewart                Feature Film/Chris Lane

The Unconscious                          Samuel Finch                  Short Film/Vincent Landeros

Not Him                                         Joe                                  Short Film/Sarah Young

Art With a Capital A                      Caleb                              Web Series/Sarah Young

We're All Fine                                Ryan                                Short Film/Sarah Young

Scenes by Gilbert                          Harold                             Besties Make Movies/Sarah Young

Be A Man                                       Cyrus                               Short Film/Sarah Young


The New School for Drama | MFA Acting 2019

  • Acting | Kathyrn Rossetter, David Chambers, Ragnar Freidank, Shelly Wyant, Scott Whitehurst, Peter Jay Fernandez, Jean Taylor (Clown), Caymichael Patten, Kathleen Chalfant

  • Voice | Susan Cameron, Alba Quezada, Andrea Haring, Patricia Fletcher, Marlon Saunders

  • Movement | Teva Bjerken, Shannon Stowe, Cynthia Reynolds, Erica Faye


Commonwealth Shakespeare Company Apprentice | Summer 2016

  • Instructors | Adam Sanders (Text), Paul Dagastino (Voice), Peter Dimuro (Dance)


Boston College | BA, Theatre Arts | 2012-2016

  • Instructors | John Houchin (Acting), Luke Jorgenson (Acting), Patricia Riggin (Voice), Sun Ho Kim (Movement)


 Special Skills 
  • Stage Combat (Hand to Hand, Broadsword, Rapier, Knife)

  • Dialects: Standard British, Estuary, Cockney, Irish, French, German, Russian, Australian, Mid-Atlantic, Scottish, West Texas

  • Snowboarding

  • Horseback Riding

  • Driver's License and Passport

  • Juggling (3 ball)